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HeRoes of ValleNthar

Heroes of Vallenthar Prequel

A chance encounter...

Rodan doesn’t like chaos. He doesn’t like crowds, noise or “guests” in his home. So when his brother decides to perform the Choosing Ceremony, a ritual to select Vallenthar’s new Fairest One, in the zenith of the elven kingdom, Rodan is not too happy about it. The fact that the affair only seems to drag and drag doesn’t help either. At first glance, it would look like this Fairest One is quite the elusive creature. But is it everything as simple as that?

... can change someone's life forever.

Secrets, love, adventures and an enemy taken from the deepest nightmares crowd the pages of this novella. Learn about the Eldar’s take on our story, and how he met the woman that would become the love of his life.