Look Forward to: Rogue One

look forward

Hey there!

So, I thought about doing this post for a while but I wasn’t quite sure of it because (don’t tell anyone!) I’m not really a Star Wars kind of gal. Sure, I see the potential and the many doors the franchise opened, but all in all, it does not really push my buttons. Or at least not the right ones. 

However, I do realize that for many (many, many, many) people, it IS a big deal, so I figured that I would bring it over anyways, since it is a piece of speculative fiction after all, and that is what we do here in this little corner of the blogsphere.

So, ladies, children and nerds: Rogue One. A Star Wars Story. 

Rogue One, A Star Wars Story poster.png

What is it about?  

Kids, I really don’t think I need to answer this question, but for those of you who’ve been living in Nepal with the monks, or in Santa’s Workshop in the Pole, or under your average large rock, I’ll give a brief overview.  Rogue One is a stand-alone story within the Star Wars universe, happening sometime between episodes III and IV. It aims to introduce us for the first time to the rebel forces that have gathered after Revenge of the Sith, and that will go ahead and cradle Luke Skywalker and company for the original Star Wars. The story brings about an entirely new set of characters, along with a premise that fans are sure to love: the small, brave group of heroes who need to sneak into the heart of the empire to steal the schematics of their new (old!) terrifying weapon, the Death Star.    

Why you should give it a shot?  

Ok so, as I said, I am not a Star Wars freak. I enjoy the movies with the intellectual curiosity of any speculative fiction writer, but they are not much my cup of tea. However, there’s no denying the amazing creativity and world-building techniques this mega-saga displays. The universe of Star Wars is vast, and, considering the events of last year, quite likely to expand. While Rogue One might not directly tie in to the worshiped franchise, it’s definitely a nice morsel to include in the collection, and also an interesting test as to whether there can be value to the universe in general and not just the heart-wrenching characters. A sort of testing the waters, to put it another way. If it succeeds, we might be seeing more light sabers, Jedi knights and The Force that have nothing to do with the original franchise. Something to keep an eye on, indeed.

Fans and enthusiast of the genre certainly should give this movie a chance, because it’s sure to be a well-crafted, entertaining affair that will add value to the current sci-fi market. I, for one, am happy that speculative fiction is taking a more active part in mainstream motion-pictures, and you won’t see me complaining if more space opera films come around as a result of the Star Wars re-revolution. So bring it on!

Release date: December 16, 2016.