Shout-out to an amazing artist: Check out “To Belong”!

Hi, guys!

So everyone here knows I love to recommend creativity and good work, and that is what I come to do today. I’ll bring you To Belong, a fan-made crossover web animated series by talented YouTuber The Nameless Doll. 

By mashing together a bunch of Disney and animated movie scenes with great talent and more than a little creativity, this artist has managed to bring to life an original story in a way that is interesting, engaging, and impressive. As she prepares to launch To Belong with original art and animation through a Kickstarter campaign, I wanted to give her a shout out for the amazing job she’s done so far.

Comes to prove that creativity comes in many forms, and writers don’t need to publish books to offer great stories. Check out the web crossovers below to learn a little more of the story, and don’t forget to go to the author’s website and support her Kickstarter campaign so that this talented, creative storyteller can keep regaling us with her amazing gift!

To Belong Series Official Website

The Nameless Doll Tumblr Blog