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Some shadows can swallow you whole.
Aelwyd's power is formidable, battle-honed into a fearsome warrior who never falters in the face of the enemy, her word is law for all who hear it. She's spent a hundred years preparing to face the nightmare that nearly destroyed her, and when she sees the signs of her enemy's return, she knows she must stop him, or die trying.

Some shadows lurk in nightmares.
Orphaned Dalbran knows only the arts of battle and survival. His days are filled with pain and exhaustion, and his nights - once his only source of peace - are now plagued with terrors that strike as soon as his eyes close. But nightmares are no long as they remain only nightmares.

Two lives are brought together by a common enemy. But when death and sorrow strike…

How far will honor take them?

What Do the ReaDers sAy?

Beautiful language, an intriguing world, realistic characterization and a plot that just about begs a reader to put the pieces together – The Razvak Hunter really does have it all.
My only real complaint is that it wasn’t longer. I wanted this book to go on forever and putting it down after only 243 pages was almost painful. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!

Blogger, Attic Salt Reviews

This was a hard book to put down. Grant really builds an Elven world worthy of Tolkien proportions. It’s easy to get lost in it. You really feel the struggle of Aelwyd, and her burden of power. Dalbran is a brilliant counterpart to aid with Aelwyd’s quest. This is the first in a series, and it builds you up nicely for the next book. If you enjoy a good, basic fantasy complete with elves, warriors with swords, and unicorns, this is a book for you.

Marilyn Vix
Author, "Never Marry a Warlock"

My goodness, this was such a fun read!
This is an author that I will definitely be keeping my eye on. Her writing style is so lovely. It's beautifully descriptive, but never goes overboard. Her character development and their dialogue is excellent. And the world that she has created here is so interesting. If you're like me and are feeling pretty burnt out when it comes to fantasy reads, trust me, you'll want to give this one a go! It's so refreshingly different!

Erica Hatch
Blogger, Erica Robyn Reads

There were many things that I liked about this book. I usually don't read a lot of fantasy, but when I do, it has to keep my attention. This book certainly did! 

Overall, if you are a YA fantasy reader, I would definitely encourage you to read this book. There were so many elements that were great and I am definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Blogger, Lacey's Library

This book was amazing. The words flowed so beautifully, the story is captivating. The ending is spectacular and I can't wait to read book #2. A true epic adventure with great characters and it's a fast paced read that will take your breath away. Loved It!
I give The Razvak Hunter 5 stars for its epic fantasy with an amazing ending.
I would recommend this book to everyone.

Linda Romer
Goodreads Reviewer

I really enjoyed The Razvak Hunter. It takes place in a richly full world, expanded just enough to get the readers interested in how the world furthers in the upcoming novels, which I will be reading. 🙂 This is a great first novel for a series, with a world that was carefully shaped, and characters who you want to know more about. 
I would definitely suggest reading this novel if you are given the chance!

Goodreads Reviewer